Q&A with Laura Kayeum, BC MBA ’16

Laura Kayeum began her career in financial services consulting at Eze Software Group after earning her bachelor’s degree from Colby College. In 2016 she graduated with her MBA from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, where she developed the business skills and tools she needed to enter a leadership development program at Bank of America.

Q&A with a BC Alum: Donald Hall, MBA ’13

Donald Hall, BC MBA ’13, worked in ski resort and hotel management before enrolling in the Boston College Carroll School of Management MBA program. After graduating, he leveraged the skills he gained from the BC MBA and a fiercely loyal alumni network to land a job as a commercial real estate consultant at CoStar Portfolio Strategy. Here’s

Q&A with Michael Puopolo, BC MBA ’16, on Student Life at BC

When you arrive at BC, you’ll quickly realize that there’s more to making your mark than a rigorous, market-driven curriculum taught by our thought-leading faculty. Just as important for your graduate experience is your time spent outside of the classroom, where you’ll encounter even more opportunities to grow, lead, and excel in the world of business.

Back to Boston: My Journey to the BC MBA

Annie Charlip, BC MBA ’17, of Weston, MA, recounts her journey to choosing Boston College. I grew up just outside of Boston. I left to attend college at the University of Michigan and then spent three years working in Washington, D.C. When I decided last fall that I wanted to go to business school for my

Boston bound: My Decision to Attend BC

Follow along with Kevin Barry, BC MBA ’17, as he shares his experiences in our full-time program in this new monthly series. As midterm week approaches and I reflect back on my semester so far, I am grateful that I picked Boston College’s Carroll School of Management to pursue my MBA. Here are a few

What I Looked for in an MBA Program

By Jeremy Ferguson, MBA ’16 By now, you’ve already set your sights on business school. The decision to leave your full-time job and go back to school was tough to make, but you’re past that. Now the question that’s boggling your mind is: which school has the best program for me? Which program am I