Q&A with a BC MBA alum: Joe Marullo, MBA ’14

One of the reasons students choose to pursue their MBA at Boston College is our fiercely loyal and successful alumni network. Every month, we’ll feature a Q&A with a BC MBA alum here on the blog. Learning about their experience can help you determine if the program is right for you—and potentially introduce you to

What to Ask at the End of an Admissions Interview

One of the main objectives of this new blog is for our team to provide prospective students with valuable advice that we’ve gleaned from decades of working in admissions. Because who better for you to hear it from than those in the trenches? So let’s get right to it. Our first piece of advice stems

How to Make Your MBA Application Stand Out

One of the most common questions we’re asked when speaking with prospective MBA candidates is, “What should I focus on when completing my application?” The answer we want to give is, “Everything.” Admission decisions are made through a holistic review process and all information presented within an application is considered. But different information is considered

Strategies for Attending an MBA Fair

For many aspiring MBA students, attending an MBA fair or recruitment event is among the first steps in the program search process. It’s information gathering—an opportunity both to learn more about programs of interest and to consider additional programs. That being the case, here are several strategies that can help make your experience at an

Why You Should Pursue an MBA

At some point during the MBA admission process, aspiring candidates will be asked why they have decided to pursue the degree. It’s as inevitable as it is crucial to have a thoughtful, purposeful response. But before you can compose and articulate personal reasons for pursuing the degree, it’s imperative to explore the broader context of