An Inside Look at the Career Development Office

As the job market continues to show improvement, more employers are seeking MBA candidates. The Carroll School of Management is currently trending ahead of last year in both the percentage of students who have received internship and job offers, and those who have accepted. If Boston College is a forerunner on your list of b-schools,

Three Tips on How to Make Your Resume Admissions-Ready

If your application for the full-time MBA or part-time MBA at Boston College is in the works, you might be looking for that last-minute piece of advice that will maximize your potential for admission into either of our top-tier programs. Before you send your resume along with your application, take a few minutes to review these tips

Q&A with a Dual MBA/MSF Student

In a field that’s as dynamic and cross functional as business, it’s no surprise that employers seek professionals who possess depth of knowledge, strong analytical skills, and functional expertise. Read what one student, Robert Mullen, has to say about his decision to pursue a dual MBA/MSF degree, just one of the nearly 20 dual-degree programs

What Makes a Successful MBA Candidate

If you’re giving serious thought to earning your MBA, you probably have an idea of what a rigorous curriculum paired with experiential learning opportunities can do to accelerate your career. (Here are just five reasons an MBA is a smart career choice.) Still, you might be wondering whether you (or your lifestyle) are cut out

Five Ways to Prepare for the GMAT

If you’re serious about business school, then taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) should be your first step. The GMAT is accepted by more than 6,000 business and management programs worldwide, (including Boston College’s MBA program), because it is considered the best predictor of your success in a graduate program. Feeling some pressure? Here

Getting Your MBA and Running a Marathon

As I begin the start of my second semester as an MBA, I find more and more similarities between getting my MBA and running a marathon. Here are a few of the ways in which they compare – hopefully this list will help you plan appropriately and prepare you for your journey as an MBA,

What I Learned in the First Semester of my MBA Program

By Jeremy Ferguson, MBA ’16 Has it really been two weeks since the first semester of classes ended? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! Fun: did you ever think you would hear somebody describe an MBA program as “fun?” I’ll admit there were times that I felt overwhelmed and would ask myself, “Why