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Why It Pays to Visit, Even After You Have Applied

If you’ve already submitted your application for BC’s full-time or part-time MBA, you may be wondering what a campus visit can offer in the final stages of your b-school search. Below, we’ll tell you three benefits of visiting—or revisiting—now that you’ve applied. 1. Your perspective is outcomes-focused. Without the weight of admissions requirements on your shoulders,

Five New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your MBA Candidacy

As we welcome 2016, most of us will also welcome a new list of hopes, plans, or goals for the year ahead. For you, that could mean a highly anticipated admissions decision from the MBA program that topped your list, or it could mean the early stages of the MBA application. Wherever you are in

“Should I Retake the GMAT?”

Despite the number of practice tests taken or hours spent in preparatory courses, sometimes the most prepared candidates feel they underperformed on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Even if you are satisfied with your current score, you might still be wondering what the benefits are, if any, of retaking the exam. Wherever you stand, consider these points

Back to Boston: My Journey to the BC MBA

Annie Charlip, BC MBA ’17, of Weston, MA, recounts her journey to choosing Boston College. I grew up just outside of Boston. I left to attend college at the University of Michigan and then spent three years working in Washington, D.C. When I decided last fall that I wanted to go to business school for my

Admissions Advice from Second-Year BC MBA Students

Wherever you are in the application process, you’ll want to consider these tips—offered up exclusively for prospective students like you, by current BC MBA students. “Studying for the GMAT: If you’re a recent undergraduate, take standardized tests sooner rather than later, while you still have a ‘student mindset.’ If you’ve been out of school for a

Four Tips for Financing Your MBA

Like many prospective students, you may be wondering how you’ll finance your MBA. Because we know the immense value that an MBA can add to your professional career, we want to help make the BC MBA a feasible option for you. Find out how. If you’re interested in receiving some form of financial assistance for your

Boston bound: My Decision to Attend BC

Follow along with Kevin Barry, BC MBA ’17, as he shares his experiences in our full-time program in this new monthly series. As midterm week approaches and I reflect back on my semester so far, I am grateful that I picked Boston College’s Carroll School of Management to pursue my MBA. Here are a few