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Back to Boston: My Journey to the BC MBA

Annie Charlip, BC MBA ’17, of Weston, MA, recounts her journey to choosing Boston College. I grew up just outside of Boston. I left to attend college at the University of Michigan and then spent three years working in Washington, D.C. When I decided last fall that I wanted to go to business school for my

Boston bound: My Decision to Attend BC

Follow along with Kevin Barry, BC MBA ’17, as he shares his experiences in our full-time program in this new monthly series. As midterm week approaches and I reflect back on my semester so far, I am grateful that I picked Boston College’s Carroll School of Management to pursue my MBA. Here are a few

What I Looked for in an MBA Program

By Jeremy Ferguson, MBA ’16 By now, you’ve already set your sights on business school. The decision to leave your full-time job and go back to school was tough to make, but you’re past that. Now the question that’s boggling your mind is: which school has the best program for me? Which program am I