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The English Language Test Requirement

The English language test requirement is a vital part of the admissions process for all graduate programs at the Carroll School of Management. In this quick FAQ, you’ll find everything you need to know about this testing requirement.

Five Reasons to Get Your MBA

Although attending business school takes time and money, an MBA provides substantial return on investment, as it can both boost your short-term career prospects and contribute to your long-term professional growth. Here are the top-five reasons to get your MBA.

Tips for Admissions Success

When you sit down to craft your admissions application, think about it like we do, holistically. You want to make sure that each element of your application flows and represents you. With that in mind, here are some tips from the admissions committee on how to prepare the strongest application.

Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Writing Your Essay

You’ve noted your educational background, provided your work experience, and shared your test scores. Next comes the essay. Essays offer applicants a unique opportunity to make an impression. What you say and how you present it conveys to admissions officers your personality, ambition, and diligence—so make it a great read. Here are five tips to