Q&A with GMA President Kate Weaver

Image of Kate Weaver

Kate Weaver (MBA ’22), president of the Graduate Management Association (GMA), provides an overview of the graduate student organization at the Carroll School of Management.

What do you plan to achieve with the GMA this coming year?

Many things! We strive to enhance the lives of each graduate student at the Carroll School by providing a wide range of opportunities to network, socialize, and to develop our professional capabilities.

Although we have to be fluid in our endeavors with Covid-19 in mind, we will remain committed to ensure our students are benefiting from all the amazing resources that BC has to offer. This year the GMA’s goal will be to deliver a sense of community to all students and to provide them with the opportunity to build long-lasting connections.

Why should Carroll School graduate students participate in GMA activities?

One of the biggest strengths of the Carroll School is its strong network in the greater Boston area. The time you spend pursuing higher education is limited and thus taking advantage of making those connections is key to your success. There are over 800 students within our graduate management programs alone that you can connect with and learn from.

Plus, participating in the GMA activities will give you the chance to have some fun after a hard week of work and also build those friendships that will last a lifetime!

Despite the pandemic, what has been your favorite part of student life this past year?

The absolute best part about student life this past year has been the interactions with the people at BC. The Carroll School of Management has a very collaborative and welcoming environment. Although classes are challenging, they are rewarding and will set you up for success in whichever path you choose for your future.

Even more importantly, what you take away from this program is not only a well-rounded academic experience, but the lifelong friendships you build with your classmates. You are going to remember the happy hours with your classmates, cramming for finals with your study groups, and the holiday parties you regret wearing that funky sweater to. Overall, it is the people at BC that will make your graduate student life memorable.