BC MSF Profile: Madison Borrelli (MSF ’21)

What was your undergraduate major?

I majored in Finance and minored in Spanish at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire.

Why did you choose to pursue your MSF, and why did you choose Boston College? 

Madison Borrelli image

I chose to pursue my MSF to expand on and deepen my understanding of the financial industry. My goal is to become more knowledgeable about how I can apply what I have learned to a career in the real world of finance. Additionally, my goal is to gain insight into what my specific interests are in finance—the MSF curriculum allows us to do this!

I chose Boston College due to the amazing sense of community and the remarkable opportunity that it offers. Furthermore, the campus is just miles from the heart of the city—you cannot beat it!

How have classes been this fall?

Of course, classes this fall have not been the norm in light of the ongoing pandemic. However, my professors in the MSF program have done an outstanding job with handling these unprecedented times. With the majority of my classes being online, they have been exceptional in providing a plethora of resources and class materials to make sure students have a strong grasp of course material. Although there is minimal face-to-face interaction in person, the professors are enthusiastic, personal, and delightful to learn from even in a virtual environment.

How is BC preparing you to meet your career goals?

My experiences thus far at BC have been more than advantageous in preparing me to meet my future endeavors. The strong sense of community and the limitless opportunities to take advantage of at BC have been especially impactful in my experiences as a MSF candidate. The Career Development Office here is nothing short of amazing, the faculty is personal and attentive, and the alumni network at BC is one in a million.

I feel fortunate that my experiences at BC have allowed me to come out of my comfort zone in more ways than one. Not only am I being academically challenged inside of the classroom, but I am also strengthening my networking and communication skills, while making lifelong connections!

What is your advice to future BC MSF candidates during the application process? 

My advice is to never sell yourself short. Be yourself and always put your best foot forward. Stay positive in the application process and reflect on what differentiates you from other candidates. Be confident in your skills, both inside and outside of the classroom. Bring your personality and past experiences into your application in any way you can.