Q&A with GMA President Frank McCarthy

Frank McCarthy (MBA ’21), incoming president of the Graduate Management Associate, provides an overview of the graduate student organization at the Carroll School of Management.

What is the GMA?

The Graduate Management Association is the elected student body of the Carroll School of Management graduate programs at Boston College. Our mission is to build esprit de corps and enhance the overall experience of our students both professionally and socially.

Frank McCarthy image

What do you plan to achieve with the GMA this coming year? 

The GMA’s goal this year is to provide students with the platform for building strong and lasting relationships across our entire graduate community. Historically, we’ve accomplished this through social gatherings like Boston College football tailgates and happy hours. Moving forward, the GMA is working to expand and include more activity-oriented and virtual-based options. Given current conditions, planning this year’s social gatherings will be a fluid endeavor. The GMA is committed to providing high quality events for students, and we will continue to do so keeping everyone’s safety and wellbeing in mind.

Why should Carroll School graduate students participate in GMA activities?

Five minutes in front of the right person can be more valuable than five years behind the right desk.

Collectively, the graduate programs within the Carroll School of Management are made up of over 600 students. As one would expect, program schedules vary significantly, and this can make meeting new people rather tricky. Participation in GMA clubs, events, and activities will provide the bridge needed to maximize your networking potential while you attend Boston College. Network building aside, you will be putting in a lot of hard work over the next year or two. Sometimes the best way to finish a tough week of classes is to enjoy a night out with friends and friends-to-be.

What has been your favorite part of the GMA/graduate student life so far?

My favorite part about the GMA, graduate student life, and Boston College has been the people. Yes, the classes are tough and interesting, and an MBA from Boston College will set you up for success in the business world. However, when you look back on your time in the program, you’re not going to remember a specific lecture given by your favorite professor or the all-nighter that you pulled ahead of an exam. You are going to remember the football game where you and your friends lost your voices from cheering too much; you are going to remember the fresh powder from the ski trip you and your friends went on in Vermont; and you are going to remember the ugly holiday sweaters that you and your friends wore on a crisp winter night out in the city. Human interaction dictates the human experience. The next few years of your life at Boston College will be an experience—guaranteed.