BC MSA Profile: Patrick McCann (MSA ’20)

Current student Patrick McCann talks about his experiences in the MSA program at Boston College.

Why did you pursue the MSA?

I wanted to switch interests after graduating from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. The CPA exam seemed like an attainable goal after completing my master’s, and there are plenty of career opportunities in the accounting field.

What was your favorite class in the MSA program?

Advanced Federal Taxation with Ed Taylor. Boston College sets itself apart from other institutions because of its faculty. We have smaller, more interactive learning environments with personalized help from professors, who have extensive professional backgrounds. Ed Taylor is the reason Advanced Federal Taxation is the best course offered in the Carroll School of Management.

What is unique about the BC MSA?

The Boston College MSA program is designed to help each individual get the best learning experience he or she wants. The freedom to choose your accounting and business electives allows students to tailor the program to help with sections of the CPA, get more of a data analytics background, and gain business knowledge beyond standard accounting courses. In one year, every student will be prepared to be a Certified Public Accountant and a business professional.