Learning About the BC MBA Over Coffee

If you’re thinking about pursuing an MBA, a great step is to meet face to face with an admissions counselor to get a deeper sense of how a school fits into your own MBA preferences and goals.

With the aim of providing convenient meeting spots for prospective candidates, the BC MBA admissions team holds regular coffee chats in the Boston area, and around the country, throughout the year. Below we answer some FAQs about these coffee chats:

Why should I meet in person?

Meeting in person will allow you to hear firsthand about our admissions process and the culture at BC from members of our admissions team. Plus, these meetings are succinct—they last for 45 minutes, and are scheduled with your work hours in mind (for example, in the morning before you begin work).

What happens at the coffee chat?

Expect an informal Q&A format. We will talk about the structure and curriculum of our full-time and part-time MBA options, career services, and the BC community, and will answer any questions that you have.

What can I do to prepare for the meeting?

Visit our website to briefly look up our programs and come prepared with questions for the admissions team. Chances are other coffee chat attendees will benefit from the answers to your questions as well.

What if I’m on the fence about the MBA?

Hearing from other coffee chat attendees (we often have four to five attendees per session) will help you gain additional perspectives to why others are pursuing their MBAs. Plus, our goal is to direct you to the program option that will best suit your needs. Even if you’re unsure about where you stand right now, we are happy to share any insights that will help you make informed decisions about your future career and educational plans.