How You’ll Leverage Work Experience in Your MBA program

Whether you were recently accepted to the Boston College full-time or part-time MBA Program, or are just beginning your b-school search, you’ll soon find that your work history is more than just an application requirement. As a BC MBA student, you’ll leverage your work experience to maximize your MBA curriculum in the following ways.

Your work history will…

Influence your discussions. Both full-time and part-time BC MBA students bring a wealth of diverse experiences—from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds—into the classroom. Full-time students from the Fall 2015 entering class had previously studied Accounting, Engineering, Humanities, Math, and more. Part-time students of the same entrance year had similar undergraduate majors and are employed by a range of companies, from AthenaHealth and Dunkin Brands, Inc., to Goldman Sachs, National Grid, and Wayfair. No matter your chosen program, participating in team projects and discussions with classmates from a variety of industries, functions, and backgrounds will contribute to your development of a more diversified and global worldview and leadership style.

Reinforce your understanding. When you’re able to apply either your own or your classmates’ personal and business experiences to the theories you’re learning in class, you’ll gain a more concrete understanding of the BC MBA curriculum—and see firsthand how it is structured to prepare you for solving real-world business complexities. While you’re learning valuable concepts, such as in management and leadership, you’ll reflect on your previous experiences to determine how such lessons apply to the workplace.

Help you make immediate contributions. With an average of four years work experience in a range of career fields, full-time students transfer their skills from the workforce into their MBA programs, honing a distinguished edge in terms of practical experience. As a full-time BC MBA student, you’ll refine and employ these skills, and combine them with your enhanced knowledge to deepen your learning and increase your marketability in internship or job searches. Part-time BC MBA students, however, are able to apply what they learn in class to their work the very next day, allowing them to be revered as value creators in their organizations right away. With an average of six years full-time work experience for part-time students, you’ll begin to experience the return on investment from your graduate management education.