Three Factors to Consider Once You’ve Been Accepted to an MBA Program

After receiving several business school acceptances, you may have found that the question of where to earn your graduate management degree hasn’t been immediately obvious. If you’re on the fence about your final b-school decision, these three considerations can help.

1. Location. In addition to the campus, environment, and b-school facilities, your focus should be on the professional opportunities that exist in the school’s surrounding towns or city. Consider nearby internship and employment opportunities, and the area’s business community and diversified economy.

Like many prospective BC MBA students, you may already know that Boston has a diversified and growing economy, is booming with world-class universities, and is home to great sports franchises and of course, delicious chowder. But there are many more reasons why Boston is the best city for MBA students, including elite company headquarters and branches, convenient transportation and accessibility, and top rankings.

2. Market relevance. A strong MBA program will equip you with the relevant knowledge and skills that matter most to your current, or potential, employers. Further evaluate your options by asking how quickly and how extensively each program will prepare you not only for success, but for leadership in business.

Because the BC MBA is market driven, you’ll be armed early on with experience in analyzing case studies, public speaking, and data interpretation. The BC MBA also gives you the opportunity to develop expertise in a functional area of study, from Asset Management and Product and Brand Management to Business Analytics, to give you a professional edge in your chosen field.

3. Outcomes. Aside from reading statistics that prove that an MBA is worth it (nine in 10 b-school alums say they would pursue a graduate management education again), research each school’s full-time or part-time MBA class profiles, on-campus recruiter lists, and employment rates to gain a better understanding of probable outcomes for graduate management students.

At BC, 88 percent of graduates were employed (by some amazing companies) within three months of graduating. Better yet, many accelerate quickly into roles of distinction, such as Senior Program Manager, Principal, General Manager, President & CEO, and more. As a student, you’ll have unlimited access to a loyal alumni network that includes more than 171,000 alums, all of whom willingly share their professional knowledge, experiences, and connections.