Why It Pays to Visit, Even After You Have Applied

If you’ve already submitted your application for BC’s full-time or part-time MBA, you may be wondering what a campus visit can offer in the final stages of your b-school search. Below, we’ll tell you three benefits of visiting—or revisitingnow that you’ve applied.

1. Your perspective is outcomes-focused. Without the weight of admissions requirements on your shoulders, you can focus exclusively on the criteria that matter most to you. You’ll spend less time asking questions like, “Do I need work experience to qualify?” and instead, inquire about factors related to your career, such as, “What resources are available for students hoping to either advance or transition their careers? What does a career trajectory look like for this b-school’s MBA alums?” Seeing a b-school for what it offers its students and alumni (and not for what the application demands) will show you the potential long-term value you’ll gain from your MBA program.

2. You’ll know what to look for. Now that you’re familiar with the school and its MBA program, an after-the-application campus visit allows you to experience more than just the location (although that’s important, too). In taking a deeper look at the collaboration spaces and facilities available to you, you’ll see how much a school valuesand promotesstudent interaction and success beyond the classroom.

3. You’re more likely to engage. We always encourage prospective students to meet current BC MBA students. Once the most demanding aspects of the application process are behind you, your interactions on these visits will evolve from discussions of your candidacy to meaningful personal and professional experiences, helping you to better understand what you can expect as a BC MBA student.

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