The Latest MBA Stats That Prove It’s Worth It

If you’re still debating the value of a graduate management degree (even after you’ve taken into account the opinions of program alumni, friends, and colleagues), just look at the numbers. With enough time left to meet our next application deadlines, these statistics prove that the return on investment is significant for MBAs.

  • Seventy-five percent of 159 companies polled plan to recruit more MBAs in 2016. (More on that here.)
  • According to GMAC’s 2016 Alumni Perspectives Survey, business school alumni said their graduate management education was personally rewarding (93 percent), professionally rewarding (89 percent), and financially rewarding (75 percent).
  • From the same survey, nine in 10 b-school alums said they would pursue a graduate management education again if given the choice.
  • Last year, 84 percent of alumni reported more opportunities for quicker career advancement as a result of their graduate-level business degree.
  • GMAC’s B-School Followup found that recent graduates of full-time two-year MBA programs experienced an employment rate of 91 percent (five percentage points higher than the class of 2014).
  • Within five years of graduation, the majority of business school alumni were holding senior-level positions or higher.

Wondering what the employment rate for BC MBA graduates is? It’s 88 percentjust three months after graduation. To reap the many rewards of the BC MBA for yourself, start your application below. If you have the requirements ready, you could complete the application within just one hour.