Back to Boston: My Journey to the BC MBA

Annie Charlip, BC MBA ’17, of Weston, MA, recounts her journey to choosing Boston College.

I grew up just outside of Boston. I left to attend college at the University of Michigan and then spent three years working in Washington, D.C. When I decided last fall that I wanted to go to business school for my MBA and focus in marketing, I felt it was the right time to return to my hometown, so I researched b-schools in the Boston area. Boston College stood out to me right away. I had many friends that attended the Carroll School of Management while they were at Boston College as undergraduates. They spoke highly of both the undergraduate program, as well as how well-connected the graduate program is known to be.

Annie Charlip

After submitting my application, I signed up on Boston College’s website for a coffee chat and an MBA class visit. When I arrived on campus, I was struck by how beautiful the grounds are. The spires from the Gothic-style cathedral on campus loomed overhead and were absolutely breathtaking.

Jackie was my student host for a Finance class. (I had already sat in on many classes at business schools across the country at this point in the admissions process.) During my visit to BC, I was surprised at how engaged students were in the classroom. The professor continuously cold-called students to answer his questions and for students to pose their own questions. I had never seen such an interactive classroom at a business school. While students had name cards placed in front of their desks, it was clear that these were a formality given that the professor knew each student personally. I mentioned this to Jackie after class, as she walked me to my coffee chat. She told me that with approximately 100 students in the first-year class and under 50 students in each section, professors make a point to get to know students personally and early on in the semester. I was very impressed that this was stated so matter-of-factly when it seemed like a rarity amongst the schools I had visited.

When my acceptance letter arrived in January, I was thrilled. I flew back to Boston and was warmly welcomed for a day on campus with other accepted students. A panel of first-year MBA students answered our questions candidly and gave us their perspectives on the BC MBA. Hearing about BC’s Graduate TechTrek, which meets in Silicon Valley with Boston College alumni who work at big tech companies, got me excited to see how connected the BC MBA is to huge companies like Nintendo, Apple, and Facebook.

By the end of January, I had been accepted to a few other schools, some in the Boston area. Ultimately, I chose BC because I felt that I had already formed connections with students from visiting the school twice and through various conversations with admissions. BC students and faculty already knew my name and made an effort to keep in touch. Additionally, I chose Boston College based on its MBA program, reputation, and on how personable and generous the students and faculty were with their time and help. I am very proud to have joined the ranks of the other eagles to whom I looked up to so much during the admissions process.

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