The BC MBA: Relevance and Value

When you’re searching for the perfect MBA program, one of the first questions you might ask yourself is, Will this program give me the relevant knowledge and skills that matter most to potential employers? Know this: the BC MBA can, and will, prepare you for success and leadership in business. Here’s how.

The BC MBA is…

Market driven. Starting as early as orientation, you’ll be introduced to Structure, Analysis, and Integration (SAI), and be taught to think strategically about business—how to analyze problems and integrate them into plans of action. As you progress through your program, you’ll conduct case studies, master public speaking, and learn Structured Query Language (SQL), or data interpretation. Together, each of these components arms you with the tools that employers look for, ultimately making you a more marketable candidate.

Functional. To develop depth and expertise in an interdisciplinary business area, you’ll have the opportunity to focus your curriculum on a functional area of study. From Entrepreneurial Management to Business Analytics and beyond, each track provides you with enhanced market-specific experience and a significant professional edge based on your career goals.

World class. Perhaps Sam Ransbotham, Associate Professor of Information Systems, says it best. “We’re doing novel things in the classroom. We have an amazing group of professors who are willing to go above and beyond to try to help individual students.” Now more than ever, this carefully crafted curriculum, which is both embraced and taught by our world-class faculty, is propelling students into impactful careers. When you combine our faculty’s experience and passion for teaching with our students’ desire to learn, professional advancement becomes inevitable.

To experience the value of the BC MBA firsthand, access the online application here.