How to Choose One Reference for Your MBA Application

The BC MBA application requires a single recommendation. For our advice on choosing one powerful reference, read on.

Your reference should:

  • Fit the school’s requirements. While the specifics may vary across programs, BC asks that your reference be someone who can attest to your capacity for rigorous graduate study and overall leadership potential.
  • Know you and your skills well. A personalized and detailed recommendation from your immediate supervisor can carry more weight than a lackluster recommendation from the company CEO. Understand that a reference’s ability to advocate on your behalf is more important than a title or a b-school affiliation.
  • Take your request seriously. Choose someone you know will be thoughtful in their response, and will know how best to convey your strengths.
  • Consider your deadline. Discuss an anticipated timeline with your reference, and make sure that he or she can provide a recommendation before your application’s due date.
  • Be familiar with your most recent professional experience. A reference that has worked closely with you in the last six months to one year is knowledgeable not only of your skills, but also of your professionalism and maturity.

Once your recommendation is ready, you can complete our online application in an hour or less. Begin your application now.