Your Future Alumni Network

At the Carroll School of Management, one of our greatest sources of pride is our graduates’ fierce loyalty and continued commitment to Boston College, year after year. Because they stay connected to us, we can connect them to you—on matters of admission, internships, post-MBA employment, and more. If BC is on your list of MBA programs, you’ll want to know these tidbits about the network you’ll have unlimited access to, and one that you could eventually be part of.

  • The BC MBA network includes more than 7,700 alumni, living in more than 54 different countries, such as Australia, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Turkey, and Venezuela.
  • Membership in the LinkedIn group, Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs, reaches nearly 5,000.
  • The Boston College Career Development Office offers advising, online career resources, resume help, and interview guides to all graduates of the Carroll School.
  • Thirty-seven percent of Class of 2014 alumni found employment in financial services. Other industries included pharmacy/biotech/healthcare, real estate, media/entertainment, manufacturing, and more.
  • As a member of the Boston College graduate alumni network, you’ll have access to contacts and expertise through the Career Advisory Network on our Alumni Portal. There, BC alumni share their professional knowledge with students and fellow alums.
  • The average total compensation for BC MBA alumni reaches $102,990 annually, with the mean base salary exceeding $90,000.
  • BC MBA alums hold a range of notable titles, from business consultant and financial analyst to operations manager and CEO. Not to mention, they’re employed by top companies in the business world and beyond. (Read about twenty MBA careers of BC alumni here.)