Three Tips for Standing Out as an MBA Candidate

As an MBA applicant, you may have already visited one of our classes, attended an information reception, or spoken with an admissions officer—all of which help you learn more about Boston College’s full-time and part-time MBA Programs, while showing us that you’re interested. But to demonstrate a higher level of research and thoughtfulness in the application process, we suggest these three things. Read on.

1. Engage on social media. The Carroll School of Management Facebook and Twitter pages are great places for prospective students to learn about BC’s programs and campus events. Use your social media channels to ask admissions-related questions, participate in discussions, or connect with current students. Your ability to spark thoughtful conversations with the BC community will demonstrate your genuine interest and potential fit with the program.

2. Network with alumni. BC’s network of Carroll School graduate alumni is 7,700 strong and spans 54 different countries. BC’s alumni community is fiercely loyal and strongly connected to the University, as many serve as advisors, mentors, clients, and friends.

3. Speak with faculty and student ambassadors on visits. We encourage you to engage with our world-class, thought-leading faculty. Faculty maintain strong relationships with our students, alumni, and community. Having a meaningful conversation with a member of faculty (and following up with a gracious email), could circle back to the admissions committee—and may enhance your candidacy. Additionally, our student ambassadors host prospects for coffee chats, class visits, and tours, and frequently relay valuable information to the admissions committee.

By taking initiative to become a more thoughtful, memorable MBA candidate, you may portray your drive and potential for leadership that we seek in prospective students. Here are a few other qualities you should possess to maximize your success in an MBA program.


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