Three Tips on How to Make Your Resume Admissions-Ready

If your application for the full-time MBA or part-time MBA at Boston College is in the works, you might be looking for that last-minute piece of advice that will maximize your potential for admission into either of our top-tier programs. Before you send your resume along with your application, take a few minutes to review these tips on how to optimize your resume for admissions’ review.

1. Simplify your template. Although making yourself memorable is arguably the most important aspect of your resume, your notability should come from the combination of your skills, experiences, and professionalism—not from an overly personalized or richly formatted resume. Presentation does matter, so you should still be mindful when it comes to formatting and choosing a template, but relying on simple, clean, and professional styles will allow your competency to speak for itself.

2. Articulate your skills. Admissions officers will focus on your talent, accomplishments, skills, and potential. Engage admissions by communicating your skills effectively by providing context. Note the difference between referring to yourself as a “hard worker,” versus describing the experiences in which you’ve demonstrated this quality by focusing on outcomes, using words like “achieved,” “improved,” or “resolved.”

3. Language matters. Your previous experiences should be expressed in terms of outcomes and accomplishments, and in terms relative to the field of business wherever possible. Thoughtful positioning of your experiences will help demonstrate your potential for success in the field—and safeguard against filler content.

Utilize these tips and you’ll have a solid foundation to work from when you begin your internship and employment search in the near future. (Did you know: The Career Development office at the Carroll School of Management works with all incoming MBA students to prepare and tailor their resumes for internship and job searches?)

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