Five Reasons to Get Your MBA

As an early career professional, earning your MBA can be an incredibly smart career choice for many reasons. It’s a serious commitment, but we’re here to assuage your stresses by sharing five of the most rewarding aspects of an MBA, either as a full-time student or a part-time student. Here they are.

1. Focus on your desired career path. Choosing a specialization is an important choice for professionals either chasing a promotion or a complete career change. Specific courses allow students to study disciplines in more depth, resulting in stronger skills and expertise in that particular area. A specialization will help you to narrow your focus, target internship opportunities, and decide which networks to join.

2. Career outcomes. According to a recent GMAC research survey, 70% of MBA graduates say “they could not have obtained their current job without the skills, knowledge, and abilities attained through their graduate management education.”

3. Invest in your success. Earning an MBA is a rigorous experience, and employers recognize this. For working professionals, consider that some employers offer tuition remission benefits, reducing the overall tuition expense of an MBA program. Think about it: having highly-trained employees is a bonus for them, too.

4. Network. Business school requires considerable collaboration, meaning you will learn from MBA faculty and peers. Not only will you be given the chance to network as you complete your MBA, but upon graduation, you’ll have access to a strong network of alumni. Graduates of the Carroll School have continued access to advising, job listings, online career resources, and the Boston College Career Advisory Network, where Boston College alumni share their experiences and advice.

5. Professional growth. By earning your MBA you’ll gain an edge when it comes to job opportunities and increased earnings (the average total compensation of BC’s full-time MBA class of 2017 exceeded $108k).

If you think you might want to reap the benefits of an MBA, consider our two-year full-time program, or our flexible part-time program.