Ten Reasons Why Boston Is the Best City for MBA Students

Especially when we are “on the road” attending recruiting events, we are asked about Boston as a destination city. Prospective students usually already know that Boston is booming with world-class universities. They know Boston is home to great sports franchises, of course, and some really good chowder. But they want to know, rightfully so, what makes this city ideal for MBA students. Why go to business school here? Quite frankly, we love fielding this question, because it’s just so easy to answer. Here are ten reasons.

1. Headquarters. Our representative lists of top on-campus recruiters and MBA internship employers consist of companies that have headquarters right here in Boston or a short drive from our campus—including Analogic Corporation, Boston Scientific, EMC, Fidelity Investments, John Hancock, and Liberty Mutual.

2. Branches. Then there are the companies that have offices right here in Boston who also consistently hire Boston College MBA alumni, such as Bank of America, Google, Pfizer, and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

3. Location. In addition to housing one of the top financial centers in the world, Boston’s proximity to other job markets in other big cities in the Northeast and beyond couldn’t be better. Our students do not have to travel far to land a job elsewhere.
4. Accessibility. Not only is it one of the most walkable cities in the U.S., Boston is also easy to navigate via subways, buses, taxis, bicycles, and cars. Plus, it’s easy to depart, with Logan International Airport, Boston’s South Station trains, and more.
5. Entertainment. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Science, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Freedom Trail, the Boston Opera House, the Greenway Open Market, the Bruins, the Celtics…the list goes on. Why should MBA students care about a city’s culture? Your time at business school isn’t just about hitting the books. It is important to also have a life! Should you decide to stay post graduation, you’ll want to enjoy where you’re living—if not for you, for your family.
6. Rankings. Boston has been named the #1 digital city in America, the healthiest city in the country, among the best cities for foodies, and one of the top ten U.S. cities with the happiest workers.
7. Diversity. With so many universities, companies, and industries here, MBA students certainly get a global perspective that is essential for understanding the world of business.
8. Spaces. When MBA students need to get off campus to study, read, or interact with each other, there’s no shortage of beautiful, inspiring parks, streets, restaurants, and more in this gorgeous city.
9. Convenience. Anything you could possibly want while enrolled in our MBA program can be found minutes away. Some of the best food, shopping, hospitals, sports venues, historic neighborhoods, parks, and hotels in the country are right here in Boston.

10. Opportunities. In case we haven’t said this enough, Boston is ideal for MBA students because of the endless opportunities to thrive and succeed here. Our economy is healthy, our workforce is growing, and new startups pop up here all the time.

Sold on Boston yet? You can’t truly understand how incredible a city is without visiting it. Even if you’re a Massachusetts native, come see us, so we can show you our Boston from an MBA perspective.