What to Ask at the End of an Admissions Interview

One of the main objectives of this new blog is for our team to provide prospective students with valuable advice that we’ve gleaned from decades of working in admissions. Because who better for you to hear it from than those in the trenches? So let’s get right to it. Our first piece of advice stems from a question we hear often from prospective students…

At the end of an admissions interview, you’re usually asked if yohave any questions for the interviewer. Our advice: treat it like a job interview, be authentic and come prepared with intelligent queries. It shows us that you’ve done your research on the school, that you’re genuinely interested in learning more, and that you likely have the confidence to speak up and participate in classes should you enroll here.

So, what to ask? Questions should be thoughtful and should elicit responses that you can’t find online, in brochures and so on. Here are a few good ones that we’ve been asked:

  • In your opinion, what is the most compelling differentiator about this MBA program or school? We realize you are researching other schools. Posing this question gives interviewers the chance to show you what they see as differentiating, and it tells them that you demand the best—a quality we want our students to possess.
  • What made you choose to be a part of this school? Depending on who’s interviewing you—a current student, faculty member, admissions officer, or an alum—ask why he or she enrolled there, teaches there or works there. Their response could help you further determine if it’s the right fit for you.
  • How has the program impacted your career? Current students and alumni may tell you it led to their landing a great internship/job. Professors might say it has sent them across the world to speak, and perhaps admissions staff could tell you that it introduced them to students who ultimately made their mark in the business world. You want to know that the program will positively impact your career, too.
  • Can you elaborate on what you said earlier about…? Show them you were actively listening from start to finish by asking follow up questions sparked by your conversation.
  • Do you have any advice for me? If you’re eager to attend that school, make it clear. Be proactive and ask what you can do next. People who have the power to influence a student’s future want to admit those who really want to be admitted.

Now a question for you: ready to ace that interview? Start by requesting more information from the program you’re interested in. For more on the Carroll School, click here.